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Attorney Profile

  Kelly L Wren, P. C.

  Admitted in

  NY & NJ

I pride myself on being a hands-on attorney. My best skills lie in my ability to aid the first time nervous client as competently as the seasoned frequent purchaser. I enjoy helping those take the next steps in making dreams become reality. 

My services and skills do not stop with Real Estate. I am driven to ensure clients peace of mind while they are designing their Last Will and Testament. It is my responsibility to help people through the biggest decisions of their lives, and do so with empathy. 

I treat my clients like people, not just a number written on a file. I personally return phone calls and emails, while taking the time to educate my clients allowing them to make informed decisions. 

I have owned my practice for 22 years, and that experience has given me the opportunity to meet many people in many situations. I thoroughly enjoy the ability to help people, and make some of the most critical decisions in life, a little bit easier.

I am always taking on new clients, and will be looking forward to welcoming you into my network of clients. If you are interested in speaking with me, please feel free to contact me through phone or email anytime. 

Kelly L. Wren, P.C.​​

Accomplished, Determined, and Hands-On

Law School: City University of NY

College: Rutgers University

Member: Richmond County Bar Association

Owner: Private Practice for 22 years

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